Who is MACH Energy Australia?

MACH Energy Australia Pty Ltd was formed in September 2015 as a result of interest shown for purchasing a tier-one coal asset in Australia.  Owned by Droxford International, MACH Energy forms part of a conglomerate of businesses owned by Anthoni Salim.  Mr Salim’s other business interests include Australia and New Zealand food group Goodman Fielder, telecommunications, retail, automotive, healthcare, infrastructure and mining.

Who manages MACH Energy?

MACH Energy’s is governed by a four-member Board of Directors, four of whom are based in Australia.  Ferdian Purnamasidi is the Managing Director and assumes responsibilities for developing the mine according to the approvals granted to date and overseeing the strategic business direction of MACH Energy.

Where is MACH Energy based?

MACH Energy’s corporate office is based in Brisbane.  Our Operations team are based on site at Mount Pleasant, Muswellbrook.

When will work start at Mount Pleasant?

The off-site infrastructure associated with Mount Pleasant was the first significant work undertaken. For example, Wybong Road has been upgraded to allow safer traffic flow in the area.

Onsite, geotechnical studies were undertaken in February 2016 to confirm the geological conditions of the site.

Contracts have now been awarded for other on-site scopes of work and construction of mine infrastructure is well underway.

How many workers are required at Mount Pleasant?

Employment numbers vary according to the phase of the project’s development; however, it is anticipated that during construction, approximately 300-400 workers at peak are expected to be required to develop the mine.  Once the mine is in operation, we expect approximately 200 workers and contractors will be required.  Workers will be sourced locally where possible.

How will environmental matters be managed?

Major approvals are in place for the development of Mount Pleasant Mine. Coal & Allied obtained an authority over the Mount Pleasant deposit in 1992. Exploration, mining studies and an Environmental Impact Statement were completed in 1997, with development consent granted in 1999. In 2010 a Modification application for DCP DA92/97 was submitted to regulators to accommodate proposed changes in mine design and infrastructure layout. The modified DCP was approved by the Department of Planning and Infrastructure in 2011. Environmental requirements for the project were modernised as part of this application.

MACH Energy will develop the mine according to the conditions provided by the Government and its related departments.

How will the community be engaged?

MACH Energy intends to continue engaging with the local community, local businesses and stakeholders and recognises the invaluable insights provided by those linked to the area.  Within ten days of forming a binding agreement for the purchase of Mount Pleasant, MACH Energy met with members of the project’s Community Consultative Committee, business leaders and Council representatives.

Those wanting to know more about the project can phone the project’s Community Hotline – 1800 886 889.

What is the quality of the coal?

The geology at Mount Pleasant is well understood and technical risks are considered low. In addition to Mount Pleasant’s existing recoverable reserves, there is potential to convert additional coal resources into reserves.

The Mount Pleasant mine is also characterised by a low strip ratio and high processing yield. As such, Mount Pleasant’s leases contain some of the most attractive coal resources in the Hunter Valley coalfields.

The Mount Pleasant mine is approved to produce up to 10.5 million tonnes of run of mine (ROM) thermal coal for international markets. MACH intends to develop the Mount Pleasant mine in accordance with MACH’s corporate strategy and the mine approvals in place. MACH expects first production of coal in late Q2, 2018.

After being washed and prepared for sale, Mount Pleasant coal will be loaded onto trains for transportation to coal terminals in Newcastle for shipping to international customers.

Due to its high quality and low impurities, Mount Pleasant is targeting clean energy coal that will be used in some of the world’s most advanced and highly efficient power plants, enabling lower global emissions and facilitating the transition to a low emissions economy.

The Mount Pleasant deposit has total marketable reserves of 474 million tonnes of thermal coal for export markets.

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