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Rail Loop Project

Rail Loop Project

MACH Energy Australia owns and operates the Mount Pleasant Operation (MPO) which is located approximately 3km north-west of Muswellbrook.

Mining activities commenced at Mount Pleasant in October 2017 and MACH Energy has approval to produce up to 10.5 Mtpa of run-of-mine coal annually until December 2026.

This Community Information is to inform you of planned construction works to be undertaken as part of the approved Modification 4 for the Mount Pleasant Operation.

MPO’s existing rail infrastructure is currently located on land south of Wybong Road.

Modification 4 was approved by the Department of Planning and Environment in November 2018 and sought to relocate rail, water, and associated electricity supply infrastructure.

Activities associated with Modification 4 commenced in October 2020 with key aspects to include:

  • Construction of the approved rail spur, rail loop, conveyor, and rail load-out facility and associated services;
  • Relocation of the Hunter River water supply pump station, water pipeline and associated electricity supply that follows the current rail spur alignment; and
  • Demolition and removal of redundant, temporary infrastructure once the new infrastructure has been commissioned and is fully operational.

The timely completion of the Rail Loop Project is fundamental to ensuring the ongoing operation of MPO and for expansion of the mine’s output in the future. A brief timeline of the Rail Loop Project is outlined below.

•   Work commenced on the new rail loop adjacent Overton and Wybong Roads – October 2020

•   Completion of new rail loop and coal loadout – Q1 2022

•   Complete the removal of existing rail loop – Q3 2022

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